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iPhone/iPod Screen replacement and repairs

VAT included

We replace iPhone and iPod screens in all models

Check Prices below for your exact model


iPhone 3G: £49

iPhone 3GS: £49

iPhone 4: £49

iPhone 4S: £49

iPhone 5: £49

iPhone 5c: £49

iPhone 5s: £49

iPhone 6: £49

iPhone 6 Plus: Call to quote

iPhone 6S: £49

iPhone 6S Plus: Call to quote

iPhone 7: £59

iPhone 7 Plus: Call to quote

iPhone 8: £75

iPhone 8 Plus: Call to quote

iPhone SE: Call to quote

iPhone X: £89

iPhone XR: Call to quote

iPhone XS: Call to quote

iPhone XS Max: Call to quote

IPod touch 3/4 screen assembly: £49

Ipod touch 3/4 battery: £25

IPod touch 5 screen assembly: £49

IPod touch 5 battery: £35 ** see note below

** please note as the screens are stuck down with adhesive on some models they can break on removal requiring a new touchscreen or screen assembly - although we take as much care as possible we cannot guarantee the touchscreen or screen will release without breaking and therefore we will not accept any responsibility for screen breakages during the removal process, we can fit a replacement screen or touchscreen but this will be an additional cost to any repairs. 

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