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Services and Repairs

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Laptop Pc Healthcheck...

Price £49.00

Your computer's performance can start to suffer as lots of different programs and websites fill up its working areas. Every so often they need a good clear-out. Scanning for and removing computer infections, un-installing unwanted software and disabling unwanted software from starting up can vastly improve your computer's performance.

Free Inspection & Quote

Price £0.00

Here at Diamond we like a straight forward process, so all diagnoses and quotes are provided for free, no obligations to go ahead. Common Problems: ·          Blue screens, crashing in use ·          Overheating or switching off ·          Malware and viruses, running slow ·          Cracked screen, dim screen ·          Broken or loose hinges or...

Laptop broken screen...

Price £89.00

We replace screens for various makes and models including Macs! The common symptoms for a broken or cracked screen include no display, a white or black screen, horizontal or vertical lines, shapes and patterns on the screen quite often looking like an ink spill! We'll quote for replacement screens as the price can vary. We do not charge by the hour as we...